Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

A beautiful experience in the himalayan mountains

15,750 INR / Person

8 Days / 7 Nights


Every year in Gangotri, Uttarakhand, the Gaumukh Tapovan trek is definitely one of the most popular! It is a spiritual and adventure seeker's paradise. The ETH team pledges to make your Gaumukh Tapovan Experience in the Himalayas a life-changing and enlightening experience. Gaumukh is the Ganga's starting point. The Ganga is India's most beloved river. Tapovan is an alpine meadow located a short distance from Gaumukh. There are numerous sages who meditate in the caverns here.


To begin your adventure, plan to depart Dehradun by 6 a.m. The day will be longer because you will be flying 241 kilometres to Gangotri. It will be an unforgettable 8-hour journey through the magnificent highlands. The famed hill station of Mussorie, which is only 35 kilometres from Dehradun, would be the first big attraction. From the hill station, one can view the Shivalik Ranges. You will arrive at Uttarkashi, the country of the Gods, after a quick break for lunch and some sight-seeing in Dhanulti, Chamba. Uttarkashi is located on the Bhagirathi River's banks. All of the temples and holy people will convince you that you are indeed in the Land of the Gods. The Bhagirath River leads to the picturesque Harshil Village. Harshil is known for its apple orchards, which provide as a visual break from the city. Harshil is the ideal spot for a peaceful evening amidst the mountains. You'll wish it didn't have to stop even after the lengthy trip to Gangotri. On the banks of the Bhagirathi River, Gangotri is a pilgrimage place. You can travel about the local market, communicate with people, and share amazing photographs with your pals thanks to the good network coverage. After a great home-cooked meal, retire to the guest house for the evening.

Greetings from Gangotri! Breakfast first, then spend the remainder of the day immersed in religious fervour. Now that you've reached a height of 10171 feet, today is the day for acclimatisation. Acclimatization is a type of health supplement that aids your body's adaptation to environmental changes such as cold temperatures. While doing so, you can take advantage of being in Gangotri, one of the four Char Dhams. The largest is the Gangotri temple, which was built in the 18th century. You may also visit the BhagirathShila, a sacred rock where King Bhagirath worshipped Lord Shiva, as well as the PandavaGufa, where the Pandavas slept. Many foreigners can be observed wandering about and meditating.

Begin your day with a hearty meal and get ready to embark on your mountain adventure. You'll be trekking through pine trees alongside the Bhagirathi River. Although there will be moderate ascents, the journey will be simple and take around 4-5 hours to complete. Your journey will be accompanied by the stunning Sudarshan Parbat (21,345 feet). You'll also come across a few streams and waterfalls where you can replenish your water bottles. The entire hike will take place within the Gangotri National Park. At the conclusion of the trail, you'll come across rocks from the Sudarshan mountain; simply cross them to get to the campground. This will be the most gorgeous campground, with the Bhagirathi river rushing on the right and nestled in between the mountains under the pine trees. Bhagirathi I, II, and III (6856, 6512, and 6454 m, respectively) share space with Manda Mountain, Bhrigu Parbat, and other peaks visible from the campground. Lunch is an excellent method to re-energize. You may also embark on an acclimatisation walk to learn more about the region while resting by the Bhagirathi River. The tents will be your home for the night.

Wake up to spectacular neon vistas of sun rays on mountain summits, and you'll be ready to struggle again. This will be a short hike of about 2-3 hours with a modest elevation. The trail widens now, allowing you to see the Bhagirathi peaks better. Some landslide zones will be easier to walk on than others. Following the hike, you will arrive to Bhojwassa, a flat location where you will be accommodated in tents. Bhopatra trees, sometimes known as birch trees, are abundant in the region and were used to make the Bhojwasa. This is the broadest part of the valley, with the greatest view of Mount Shivling. There are many igloo-style structures, as well as an ashram, a police station, and a rest home. These alternatives are available for today's stay, but they will require authorization. Relax in the afternoon at the campsite after lunch, then spend a chilly night in the tents.

The day has arrived for the most difficult and longest trip yet, so eat properly, pack a snack, fill water bottles (there are no water sources along the path), carry energy bars, and prepare to be delighted. The route grows steeper and more full of rock stones from here. The granite moraines on the glacier make the ascent difficult, but they also minimise the need for technical equipment. Use a trekking pole to make the ascent simpler. The last journey to Tapovan is rugged, but after you've made it through it, you'll be pleased to be in the well-known meadows, where you can see Mt. Shivling in all its glory. Sadhus from all over the world flock to Tapovan to meditate. It also serves as a base camp for Mt. Shivling treks. It provides a greater perspective of Mt. Shivling, which is regarded as one of the world's most sacred and majestic peaks. Not to be missed are the vistas of Mt. Meru and the Bhagirathi peaks. Tapovan is the perfect place to unwind after a long walk. Mountain goats, like you, can be seen roaming about here. After a long yet amazing day, retire to your tent.

Early mornings are ideal for savouring the final few moments of the day in front of magnificent mountains drenched in sunlight. Mt. Shivling is more spectacular than ever, enveloping the neighbouring summits in its majesty. They all come together to make a stunning scene. It's time to bring these memories back to life after breakfast. Because there are no water sources, carry a lunch and plenty of drink, just like you did before. Yes, you must once again traverse the glacier's difficult slopes and moraines. You'll notice that descending is more harder than rising as you negotiate your way around the stones. Keep an eye on the actions and move gently. Try to experience the events as you retrace your steps. Continue trekking along the Bhagirathi River after descending sharply to Gomukh. It will take roughly 6-7 hours to walk to Chirbassa. You'll then return to the same pine woodlands. You'll be camping beside a river, amid mountains, and under pine trees, which is unsurprising...!!

You'll remember that this is the last day of your adventure when you wake up. The walk to Gangotri is around 9 kilometres long and takes about 4-5 hours. Water bottles may be refilled at streams and waterfalls. Say your goodbyes as the sight of the Bhagirathi and other high peaks vanishes. You will be served a cooked lunch and dinner at the guest home. Return to Dehradun and, with it, to your wonderful houses by packing your possessions.

Have one last cup of morning tea in Gangotri's enormous terrain. Say your final goodbyes, exchange phone numbers, and reminisce with your fellow hikers. Before entering the cab that will transport you back to Dehradun, grab a fantastic group shot. The tour will last eight hours and will take you through mountains, valleys, and down the Bhagirathi River. Our excursion was accompanied by a river. You will have arrived in Dehradun by 5 p.m. and may begin your return journey as planned. Take plenty of adventure-filled memories home with you, and vow to return to the mountains in the future.



Cancellation Policy

If a trip is cancelled at the last minute due to a natural catastrophe or unforeseen circumstances (such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, assault, or bandh), Osla Outdoors will issue a trek voucher for the entire amount. Over the next year, the coupon can be used for the same or a different adventure.

If you decide to cancel the journey, please keep the following in mind:

  1. If you cancel within 30 days of the trek's start date, you will receive a full refund.
  2. You will receive a 50% refund if you cancel between 30 and 20 days before the trek.
  3. If you cancel fewer than 20 days before the journey, there will be no refund.

Please note that if you receive a refund, the total amount you paid will be reduced by 4% (Cancellation costs). You would also not be eligible for a refund if you purchased trek insurance.

While on the journey, Osla Outdoors takes no responsibility for any malfunctions or injuries to your clothing, gear, or other possessions. From start to end, the trek fee covers all expenses.


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