Dayara Bugyal Trek

A beautiful experience in the himalayan mountains

7,750 INR / Person

4 Days / 3 Nights


Imagine yourself standing in the midst of a big field when you think about Dayara Bugyal Trek. Now imagine same field at a height of 12,000 feet, with nothing but pristine white snow. When you go across Dayara Bugyal, it looks like this. At a height of 3000 - 4000 feet, Bugyal translates as large pastoral plains or meadows. Massive snowfall blankets the meadows in the winter, giving the impression of entering a white paradise. The terrain extends to infinity and is blanketed in snow as far as the eye can reach. The panoramic vistas of the whole Gangotri and Yamnotri hills are one of the most unique features of this journey.


At seven in the morning, the trekkers will be picked up at the Haridwar Bus/Railway Station, where the adventure would start. Haridwar and Delhi are well linked by both rail and road. There are available overnight buses and trains. A 185 km road trip from Haridwar to Raithal passes via the cities of Rishikesh, Chamba, and Uttarkashi while crossing the Bhagirathi River, the Ganga River's principal source. During the journey, breakfast and lunch will be served in roadside inns. The person will be responsible for covering the expense of the travel-related meals. Arrival at Raithal Settlement, the trek's beginning point and a little village 20 kilometres above the city of Uttarkashi. Stay in the Raithal homestay for night.

After breakfast, ready for the hike from Raithal to Gui Campsite. An easy 5 km ascent via stretches of woodland leads to the Gui campground and  a hot meal is served there. Do walk in the neighbourhood in the evening to acclimate and  after-walk beverages and snacks will be served for dinner. Stay the night at the campgrounds.

After breakfast, hike from the campground to Dayara Bugyal. The moderately uphill climb to Dayara Bugyal passes through oak and rhododendron trees with flat walks in between until Dayara.  At the Dayara Viewpoint, take a break and eat your lunch. Hike back to Gui Campsite. Arrival at the campground is followed by evening munchies and beverages. Dinner will be given for hikers, and they will remain at the campsite.

After breakfast, take a 5 km descent route from Gui back to Raithal village. From where we have risen, continue hiking in the same direction. From Raithal village, travel 230 miles back to Haridwar, going through Uttarkashi, Chamba, and Rishikesh. The anticipated arrival time in Haridwar is late evening. so that you may further arrange your trip properly.



Cancellation Policy

If a trip is cancelled at the last minute due to a natural catastrophe or unforeseen circumstances (such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, assault, or bandh), Osla Outdoors will issue a trek voucher for the entire amount. Over the next year, the coupon can be used for the same or a different adventure.

If you decide to cancel the journey, please keep the following in mind:

  1. If you cancel within 30 days of the trek's start date, you will receive a full refund.
  2. You will receive a 50% refund if you cancel between 30 and 20 days before the trek.
  3. If you cancel fewer than 20 days before the journey, there will be no refund.

Please note that if you receive a refund, the total amount you paid will be reduced by 4% (Cancellation costs). You would also not be eligible for a refund if you purchased trek insurance.

While on the journey, Osla Outdoors takes no responsibility for any malfunctions or injuries to your clothing, gear, or other possessions. From start to end, the trek fee covers all expenses.


₹ 7,750 / PP

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